Is there any limitation of using Bulk Export Object?

No, there are no limits on exporting the number of objects.

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Can BOFC Export Field Permissions of Object’s fields?

Yes, BOFC can Export Field Permissions of Standard / Custom Field(s) for single or multiple profiles (with side-by-side comparsion...

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Can BOFC Export metadata properties of Managed Object?

Yes, BOFC can Export metadata properties of Managed Object.

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Apart from fields metadata properties, what other things can BOFC Export?

BOFC can export :- Object Details All Validation Rules All Record Types Field Permissions (for single or multiple profiles)...

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What type of salesforce fields can BOFC Export?

BOFC can export metadata information for Standard & Custom fields of any kind of Salesforce Object (Standard, Custom or...

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Can BOFC Export metadata (like object details, fields, validations, field permissions) for any kind of object(s)?

Yes, BOFC can export metadata information for any kind of Salesforce Objects like Standard, Custom or Managed. User can...

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Can we import any specific set of fields from any external salesforce org?

Yes, BOFC has a capability to import fields (all fields or any specific set of fields) from any external...

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Can we use an excel template to create multiple fields for multiple objects?

Yes, BOFC has a option where user can import an Predefined Excel template to create any number of fields...

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Do we need to enter the values for all the field properties in order to create any field?

No, BOFC field creation page displays the field properties or column depending upon the field type. For eg: If...

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Does BOFC allows to create duplicate fields or displays any error if fields with same API name are created?

Yes, Bulk Create Field feature is smart enough to identify the fields with the same api name.

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Do it take any time for the newly created field to reflect in the object once the process to create fields is initiated?

No, it doesn't take any time. The process is instant and your field will be reflected at the same...

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Is there any limitation of using Bulk Create Fields using BOFC?

Not as such. User can create all type of fields like (Text, Currency, Formula, Master-Child, etc) except for "Rollup...

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How many custom fields can be created with BOFC in single go?

Using BOFC, User can create more than 500+ fields in few clicks. User can import the fields of an...

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Does BOFC has capability to assign newly created fields to the multiple Page Layouts of an Object?

Yes BOFC has a easy and quick way to assign newly created fields to multiple page-layouts of an object

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Can BOFC clone Formula & Relationship fields of an Object from any external salesforce org and create them in Current Org( in which BOFC is installed)?

Yes, BOFC can clone any type of field from the same or external non-linked salesforce org and can create...

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