How to Mass “Create Custom Fields” for multiple objects in single click in Salesforce?

Mass Create Custom Fields for multiple objects


During an application development in Salesforce org, you need to Create Multiple new Fields of different data types in various standard & custom objects. One Field creation in Salesforce org is a 5 step process. Creating multiple fields is a time-consuming and a monotonous job for Salesforce developers and admins. In general, such requests require a couple of days of effort.


Bulk Object Field Creator (BOFC) is a native app designed to help you overcome the above situation. BOFC can easily create multiple fields by simply importing CSV or XLS or XLSX file to Salesforce. It can also help you in managing Salesforce org configuration using just a few clicks.



BOFC application can create upto 500 fields, of different field types, in just 10-15 minutes in one single go. This would help users save time, reduce manual effort and increase productivity. BOFC application has a simple user interface which is extremely self-explanatory and easy to use.

Major Features for Bulk Field Creation includes:

  • Create fields for Multiple objects at the same time.
  • Supports CSV, XLS, and XLSX Format- Drag Drop a CSV or XLS or XLSX files which contains a list of new fields to be created.
  • Assign FLS for multiple profiles & multiple fields in single Click
  • Assign newly created fields to multiple layouts
  • Error And Validation Support- Application effectively guides a user in field creation and provide error description.
  • Support Multi field type- You can add multiple types of fields at the same time in a single go.
  • Restricts Identical fields- App will restrict a user to create duplicate fields which already exists
  • Option to choose which fields need to be created from the list of fields.
  • Columns are enabled or disabled depending upon field type.

To avail this feature, kindly make sure you have installed the latest version of the application. You can upgrade your package using either of two ways:

  1. In Salesforce, go to “BOFC Home > Settings > App Version > Click to Upgrade” — or —
  2. Refer the below button to quickly upgrade your package to the latest version and explore its complete benefits:

Steps to Create Multiple Fields in Multiple Objects:

1. Goto BOFC Application and open BOFC Field Creation page

Create Multiple Fields

2. Select single or multiple objects (user can select any kind of object standard or custom or both)

Create Multiple Fields in salesforce

3. Select Profiles to assign field permissions and layouts to assign newly created fields to page-layouts

Bulk Field Creation

4. Use Template (Refer sample template by Clicking “Download Sample Template” button) to add Multiple fields or click “Add New Row” to add multiple rows to create new fields

Create Custom Fields

  • Above image has few features (each number has its description as below):

    1. Click “Add New Row” to add multiple rows to create new fields
    2. Drag-drop or select excel/csv file, if you are using template file to create multiple fields.
    3. Refer sample fields template by Clicking “Download Sample Template” link.

Once action in step 4 is completed, the field creation screen will look like below:

Create Multiple Fields Salesforce

  • Above image has some features (each number has its description as below):

    1. Select rows which needs to be created as new fields in salesforce
    2. User can modify field type (if required).
    3. User can choose Object name (same or different) on all rows.
    4. Click “Create New Fields” button to create fields in salesforce
    5. Click “Delete Rows” to delete any unwanted rows.
    6. Pagination – This page has a pagination if count of fields is more than 80. Each page shows 80 fields. User can use “>” or “<” or “<<” or “>>” buttons to navigate on other pages.
    7. Counts:
      • Max no of fields – 80 – Each page shows 80 fields
      • Total no of rows – Number of rows added in table to create new fields
      • Total no of rows (selected) – Count of rows selected to create new fields

5. Select your rows & verify all the details in required columns or remove error(if any).

BOFC Create Multiple Fields

6. Click “Create New Fields” button to add newly fields to a selected objects.

7. Once the Create action is completed, it will show “Success or Error” status message in-front of each row.

Bulk Create Multiple Fields

    • Green means – Row created successfully as field, assigned field permissions to profiles & assigned to layouts
    • Red means – Row error out with some error message

Have a look at step by step detailed video to “Create Bulk Custom Fields in Salesforce using BOFC App”


Have you started using BOFC yet? Thousands of BOFC users have been able to save time & boost productivity using our Salesforce Metadata app. Click here to install the latest version of BOFC application in your Salesforce instance & explore its complete benefits for you.

For any queries or suggestions, you can write your comment in the comment box or for further assistance contact us at or mail us: Our BOFC Expert will help you get the best out of it.

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