Can we Clone records( or data) assigned to “Custom Metadata Types” using BOFC?

Yes. BOFC has an option for a user to clone records (or data) alongs with the metadata details of...

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Can we Clone Custom Settings / Custom Metadata Types from any external SF org?

Yes, definately. User can easily clone multiple Custom Settings / Custom Metadata Types from any external SF org to...

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What are the different types of operations which can be performed on Custom Settings / Custom Metadata Types in BOFC?

User can Export, Clone or Update any type of Custom Settings or Custom Metadata Types using BOFC. Once the...

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Can BOFC can export relationship between Profiles, its User and Permission sets?

Yes, BOFC has a feature which can help user to export the relationship between Profiles, its users & the...

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Is there any feature to Export Profile / Permission Sets Creation and modification details?

Yes, BOFC is capable to export profile / permission sets creation and modification details. User can export a xls...

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Can we Export (or Compare) Managed Components of Profile / Permission Sets along with Unmanaged components?

Using BOFC, user can perform actions on Managed or Unmanaged Components. Unmanaged component means the Properties / Components which...

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Can BOFC Compare Multiple Profiles / Permission Sets of same org or multiple orgs?

Yes, BOFC can compare profiles / permission sets of same or different orgs at the same time. Using BOFC,...

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Is there an option to Compare Profiles / Permission Sets in BOFC?

Yes, using BOFC user can compare multiple profiles / permission sets of same or different orgs and can view...

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Can we export multiple Profile / Permission Sets in single GO or it performs one entity at a time?

BOFC supports the capability to export multiple profiles / permission sets in single click. The output is going to...

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What are the different kind of properties of Profiles / Permission Sets which we can export using BOFC?

Yes, using "Export Profiles" or "Export Permission Sets" feature of a BOFC, user can export different kind of properties...

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Can we export Standard & Custom Profiles / Permission Sets using BOFC?

Yes, BOFC can export any kind of profile or Permission Sets in few clicks. The metadata of Profiles /...

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Can we Clone or Update or Import the Profile / Permission Sets along with its properties using BOFC?

Yes, we can "Update" or "Import" Profile / Permission Sets using BOFC. In this feature, user will be able...

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What are different kind of operation we can perform on Profile / Permission Sets?

User can perform multiple kind of operations on Profile / Permission Sets. Profile -- Compare, Export, Clone, Update Permission...

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Can BOFC Export Validation Rules, Workflow Rules, Approval Process related to an Object?

Yes, BOFC can export all the below details for single or multiple objects: - Validation Rules - Use Export...

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Where does BOFC save downloaded sheet? Is it stored on Desktop or in Salesforce?

BOFC doesn't save any file in Salesforce. The export file is downloaded and saved on Desktop only

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