Learn to Display Google Map with Geolocations for any Object Records

Display Google Map with Geolocations

Use Case:

One of our client has a requirement to display all of its accounts on the google map. The google map should display below information:

  • Search Filters on the basis of Account Type, Status, City, Country
  • Display a bubble on map for each Account name with its address
  • Show count of its child records
  • Should be able to see a list of accounts in form of a table


We have designed solution for this client in both lightning and classic, where user can select type of record he wants to search (Account, contact or any custom object). This solution has three section:

  • There is a section of filters criteria where user can select different filter values
  • Map Area which display google map with plotted records as bubbles
  • A table with list of records which are displayed in map

Various Features:

  • Able to search accounts/contacts in range of particular Account/Contact.
  • Able to search accounts/contacts within specified range(miles).
  • Able to filter our search on the basis of various parameters like Type, Status, City, State, Zip Code, Status, Sport…etc
  • Displays list of accounts/contacts which are displayed on Google Map in form of table
  • Every Account/Contact on Google Map is marked with different color marker(on the basis of Status)
    • Blue Marker Represents: Active Account/Contact
    • Green Marker Represents: Current Account/Contact
    • Red Marker Represents: Disabled Account/Contact
    • Yellow Marker Represents: Prospect Account/Contact
  • An info window is displayed when a user hover over any Account/Contact marker on Google Map.

For Lightning

BOFC app Lightning view of Google Map with Geolocations

For Classic

BOFC Classic view of Google Map with Geolocations


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