How BOFC makes Salesforce org Migration simpler & fast?

Salesforce Org Migration with BOFC

Salesforce Org migration is a tedious & time taking process that requires you to create, update, compare, export & import thousands of objects, fields & so on. Is the management of infinite metadata driving you crazy? But why go the Standard way when you can choose the smart one?

BOFC is the world’s no. 1 Salesforce application that empowers your Salesforce admins & developers with features like Cloning, Comparing, and Exporting & Importing Metadata. It saves your cost, time & efforts involved in Salesforce org migration by 90%.

Let’s explore how BOFC helps in Salesforce Org Migration.

1) Cloning Objects

Challenge: Every Salesforce object contains 100 fields and validation rules. Cloning each element can be tedious & time taking. And cloning many such objects is definitely not worth the time, especially when the same task can be done with 90% less effort & time.
Solution: BOFC clones the complete Salesforce object along with its fields and validation rules in just one go. Also, you can clone multiple objects at once and get the work done in a few clicks.

2) Comparing Metadata

Challenge: During migration, you need to compare metadata between the 2 orgs and accordingly make decisions about whether to update, delete, or create new profiles, permission sets, objects, process builders & layouts. Consistently shuffling between multiple orgs for this purpose can hamper the analysis & decisions.
Solution: BOFC has the feature of side-by-side comparison; this format presents the data of both orgs in one XLS sheet. You can get the most accurate idea of your existing metadata to make insightful decisions & create a fully optimized org.

3) Exporting & Importing Metadata

Challenge: You constantly need to move Salesforce metadata such as objects, fields, profiles, permission sets, validation rules, workflow rules, process builders, process flows & layout back & forth from one org to another during a Salesforce migration. This can be time consuming for Salesforce admins & developers, and can even result in data loss during the process.
Solution: BOFC helps you Export & Import your metadata in simple XLS format. Now, you can migrate it wherever you want quickly & easily.

4) Field Creation

Challenge: Creating one field in Salesforce is a 6-step process. And during migration, you need to create hundreds or even thousands of such fields. A task like this can take days.
Solution: BOFC enables you to create countless fields in just a few minutes. With this application, you can simply drag & drop/upload your XLS file and click the create new fields button to complete the action. You can also select objects (standard/custom), page layouts, add/delete rows, assign permissions, and get the work done quickly & hassle-free.


BOFC has empowered global organizations by simplifying one of the biggest challenges in Salesforce migration, i.e., metadata management. All the above tasks can take days or even months and are nothing but monotonous. They do not require the expertise of a Salesforce admin or developer. BOFC serves as the best solution that enables cloning, comparing & exporting/importing, and creating BULK Salesforce metadata in just a few clicks.

So what are you waiting for now? Empower your Salesforce admins & developers with the benefits of BOFC and reduce your bulk work by many folds. For more details on each of these operations, you can check out the respective blogs or contact our friendly support who’d be more than happy to help.

Have a look at step by step detailed video to “Makes Migration between Salesforce Org Easy”

Experience it for yourself

Bulk Object Field Creator (BOFC) is a must-have tool, designed specifically for Administrators, that simplifies many of the tedious tasks of managing a complex Salesforce environment.

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