Building Salesforce Fields Manually? Perform all Field Operations in Few Clicks


Building Salesforce Fields Manually? Perform all Field Operations in Few Clicks

Do field operations in Salesforce org consume the bulk of your time? Are you always engaged in creating, cloning, updating, deleting & exporting those thousands of fields in your Salesforce org manually? We understand your pain. After all, who likes wasting time on monotonous & tedious tasks. Let’s make it simpler & quicker for you. Try BOFC, the world’s #1 Salesforce metadata application that’s designed to save the time of Salesforce admins/developers & facilitate insightful decision making.

In this blog post, we are going to explore how BOFC helps reduce time spent on Salesforce field operations.


To create one field in Salesforce, you have to perform multiple steps. But when you use BOFC, you can:

  • Add New Fields: Simply drag & drop your XLS/XLSX/CSV file from your system onto the dashboard & get rid of those multiple steps.
  • Import Existing Fields From Another Org: Import custom fields for any object type directly from an external org using BOFC. Also, there’s no limitation to the field type, as you can add multiple types in one go.

This way you will not have to create every single field individually using repetitive steps. You can create thousands of fields in just one go.


Custom fields in Salesforce comprise multiple attributes like description, length, label & help text, etc., which admins/developers need to regularly update based on the requirement. If they follow the Salesforce standard process, it will require them to open & update every field one by one. This turns out to be a tedious & monotonous process.

With BOFC, you can update multiple fields directly in your Salesforce org with just a few clicks. You can also download fields XLS > Modify the field attributes > upload the updated XLS sheet to the BOFC Field Updation page to update all the selected fields.


Again, when it comes to deleting custom/standard fields using the Salesforce process, it calls for opening & deleting every field one by one. This task can drive anyone insane when dealing with 100s or 1000s of them.

With BOFC, no matter if the number of fields is more, you can simply filter & select multiple fields to delete them in one go. This reduces the time taken to perform such tasks by many folds.


Do you need to clone fields within Salesforce org or externally? Many Salesforce admins/developers have shared the problem in cloning fields from one object to the other within the same org or amongst unlinked Salesforce orgs. Such a task required them to copy every field one by one to the desired location.

This is undoubtedly a time taking & monotonous task. BOFC allows users to clone multiple fields within a Salesforce org and also from one org to the other in one go with just a few clicks.


Are you always exporting fields manually to keep records or make reports? Or have you been avoiding this task for the insane amount of time it consumes?

We believe that neither of these is good for you. Yes, exporting fields manually using the Salesforce standard process will require you to copy every object’s field individually, which is time taking. However, using BOFC, you can save yourself from all that monotonous & tedious work. It allows you to export (in one click in XLS format) the following details:

  • Object Details
  • All Standard & Custom fields
  • Validation Rules, Record Types
  • Field Permission across multiple profiles
  • System Field values for each field.


One of BOFC users, Barbara, came up with this pain point:

“Is there a way to add onto a report or excel whether or not a field is currently active on a page layout (and if yes, which page layout)?”.

Our team proactively came up with the solution, allowing BOFC users to identify field usage. They can easily create a matrix report with a single click. The report tells about the field usage for multiple objects in multiple layouts in an easy-to-understand format.


It’s time you switch to an efficient metadata solution & save all the efforts you’ve been spending on bulk, tedious & monotonous Salesforce metadata operations. It’s time to switch to BOFC. A native Salesforce application that not just helps in Salesforce field operations, but with almost every aspect of metadata management. Connect with our experts to know more!

Experience it for yourself

Bulk Object Field Creator (BOFC) is a must-have tool, designed specifically for Administrators, that simplifies many of the tedious tasks of managing a complex Salesforce environment.

This tool is available on Appexchange and Click on below button to install the
latest version of BOFC

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