Frequently Asked Questions

Let's understand the meaning of "Hard-Delete" and "Soft-Delete"
  1. Hard-Delete: Permanently delete custom fields of an Object from the org
  2. Soft-Delete: Temporary delete custom fields of an Object from the org and place in the "Deleted Fields". User can still rollback the fields.
BOFC performs soft-delete only because Salesforce API's doesn't support "Hard-Delete" in Production/Live Orgs.
Yes, BOFC can create multiple fields for any kind of Salesforce Objects like Standard, Custom or Managed
User can create multiple fields using multiple ways: a. Using Excel Template b. Manually adding multiple rows c. Directly importing from any source org (linked to current or non-linked org)
Yes, BOFC has a capability to import fields (all fields or any specific set of fields) from any external non-linked org
Yes, BOFC has an option where user can select single or multiple profiles. Also, in addtion to profile selection, user can select the "Read" and "Edit" permission.
Yes, BOFC can clone any type of field from the same or external non-linked salesforce org and can create them in the current org. The fields can be Primitive (like Text, Number, Currency etc) or Formula or Relationship fields like Lookup or Master-Child
Yes BOFC has a easy and quick way to assign newly created fields to multiple page-layouts of an object
Using BOFC, User can create more than 500+ fields in few clicks. User can import the fields of an object from any external salesforce org or can import using Excel template
Not as such. User can create all type of fields like (Text, Currency, Formula, Master-Child, etc) except for "Rollup Summary" field type.
No, it doesn't take any time. The process is instant and your field will be reflected at the same time.

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