Frequently Asked Questions

No, there are no limits on number of fields or field types. User can upto 500+ fields in few minutes with simple clickable UI.
Yes, BOFC can clone fields to a new object or to an existing object
Yes, BOFC Clone Field feature can help you Clone a specific set of fields
Yes, once the Clone Process is completed, BOFC list out the source fields (which get error out) with the reason
Yes BOFC has a easy and quick way to clone any number of layouts of an object in few clicks
Yes, BOFC can clone any type of field from the same or external non-linked Salesforce org.
Yes, BOFC can clone all the validation rules for an object in few clicks
Yes, BOFC has a capability to clone an object from same org or any external non-linked org
Yes we can clone an object with Object details, Custom Fields (of all types), Validation Rules, Layouts.

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