Frequently Asked Questions

Yes BOFC has a easy and quick way to clone any number of layouts of an object in few clicks
Yes, BOFC can clone any type of field from the same or external non-linked Salesforce org.
Yes, BOFC can clone all the validation rules for an object in few clicks
Yes, BOFC has a capability to clone an object from same org or any external non-linked org
Yes we can clone an object with Object details, Custom Fields (of all types), Validation Rules, Layouts.
Yes, user can update any kind of object’s custom fields. Objects can be any type like Standard, Custom or Managed
User can update multiple fields using two ways:
a. Using Excel Template
  1. Download fields of an Object in XLS
  2. Update any column of the download sheet (except Field API Name)
  3. Upload sheet on BOFC Field Updation page
  4. Done
b. Display the fields of an Object in Table > Update the field properties display in columns > Done
Yes, user can update "Description" or "Help Text" for multiple fields in few clicks. User can also take export of Fields in excel, fill the description & help text and can again upload the same excel using BOFC to update field properties.
Yes, BOFC is capable to update properties of Relationship or Formula fields of any kind of object.
Yes, BOFC is capable to update managed object’s unmanaged fields. The "Unmanaged Fields" means the fields which are not the part of Managed package. User cannot update the field properties of Managed fields of Managed Object

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