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Yes, using BOFC all the properties of profiles/permission sets are cloned like:
  1. - Object Permissions
  2. - Application Settings
  3. - Record Type Settings
  4. - Field Permissions
  5. - Tab Settings
  6. - Page-Layout Assignments
  7. - System Permissions
  8. - Administrative & User Permissions
  9. - Apex Classes Permissions
  10. - Visualforce Pages Permissions
  11. - Field Level Security (Field Permissions)
  12. - Enabled Custom Settings Definition Access
  13. - Enabled Custom Metadata Type Access
  14. - Enabled Custom Permissions
  15. - Enabled Flow Access
  16. - Login IP Ranges
  17. - Login Hours and many more.
Output: All the properties are cloned for single (or multiple) profiles/permission sets from any external SF org or current org
Yes, using BOFC user can clone any type of objects (Standard, Custom or Managed). User can clone an object with all the below details in few clicks:
  1. --> Object details
  2. --> Custom Fields (of all types like Primitive, Master-detail, lookup, formula etc)
  3. --> Validation Rules
  4. --> Layouts
  5. --> ListViews
Yes, BOFC can clone fields to a new object or to an existing object
Yes, BOFC has a capability to clone an object from same org or any external non-linked org.
Yes, in BOFC Clone Object feature, user can clone all the validation rules for an object in single clicks.
Yes, BOFC can clone any type of field from the same (or external non-linked) salesforce org in few clicks. BOFC supports all types of objects like Standard, Custom or managed. User can clone fields of all the below types:
  1. Primitive Fields(eg: Number, Text, Percent, TextArea
  2. Relationship Fields (Master-detail, Lookup)
  3. Formula Fields
Yes, once the Clone Process is completed, BOFC list out the source fields (which get error out) with the reason
Yes, BOFC Clone Field feature can help you Clone a specific set of fields.

Please refer this blog for more details:
How To “Clone Custom Fields” From “One Object To Another Object” In Salesforce?
No, there are no limits on number of fields or field types. User can clone upto 500+ fields in few minutes with simple clickable UI.
Yes, we can clone any managed object and its properties using BOFC. BOFC application will remove the namespace of the managed object and will clone the object's metadata without the namespace. The new metadata elements which are cloned or created will be without managed namespace.
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